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With “Verbal Aikido for Ultimate Networking Success” you will be guided through the most comprehensive and effective system of mastering communications through the following modules…

Module 1 – Building Your Foundation
Module 2 – Breaking Inertia
Module 3 – Building Momentum
Module 4 – Find Your Rhythm

Bonus! Modules
Module 5 – Sales Mastery
Module 6 – Million Dollar Speaker
Module 7 – Pure Coaching


Verbal Aikido for Ultimate Networking Success

“Verbal Aikido for Ultimate Network Success” training is the most powerful, quick and cost-effective way to enhance interpersonal relationships, increase team engagement and create a modern team culture. These videos are designed to build the trust and confidence required in order to manage the new demands of today’s organizations and teams.

With this program you will…

  • Learn how to master communications and develop immense trust with your current and all future business partners.
  • Find out how to multiply your current sales.
  • Discover the secrets of building instant rapport enabling you to create meaningful connections faster.
  • Gain the valuable skills of dealing with difficult conversations, equipping you with calm confidence and safe strength.
  • Learn how to ethically influence people’s hearts and minds: resulting in you being heard, understood, accepted and respected.
  • Understand “ethical” sales and the natural process of persuasion.
  • Learn how to create an effective presentation and ultimately present a truly compelling offer using the natural process of persuasion.
  • Be equipped with the “Core Pillars of Coaching”.
  • Learn “The Million Dollar” questions and how they can be used to pull the Genius out of you and your team.

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